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Most decisions are easier than people realise…
….and can be made sooner.

Our business exists to create financial freedom for aspirational people who already know how to create resources and are now ready to create enduring and carefree wealth.

Our goal with every client who wants to empower themselves is to create a clear plan that takes them from Level Now to Level Freedom, the means to track progress and stick to the gameplan, and make smart decisions en route that bring forward the end game.

This is the simple secret to making it happen sooner that drives us and, frankly makes us want to do it more and more.

It doesn’t stop at the End Game either. Once our clients have achieved their goals and attained financial freedom, our role is to ensure they are able to enjoy the fruits of their labour and the lifestyle they’ve earned without worrying about the risks or challenges of managing wealth in a post-work world.

The truth is what we do and how we do isn’t about any one thing. It’s about a combination of eight commitments we make to a process we believe in.

Help master the income/lifestyle sweetspot, so today can be as bright as tomorrow.

Filter information to make decisions easier (because information alone isn’t the solution).

Getting laser-clear future-focus and motivation to make it happen (you as much as us).

Create an outcome where life without work is as certain as life with.

Help clients get it done faster but never require them to give up control or not be involved in decision-making.

Move as fast as the world does, consistently optimising investments and finding “hidden” opportunites.

Using insurance to cover what matters and eliminate unneeded excess.

Get the structure of family, business and personal assets right first time.

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Our journey

The Start

Talem started life as a family business under a different name, in a very different world and a very different industry, but the intention wasn’t far from where we are now.

It was to empower people to retire sooner, without compromise and without sacrificing lifestyle.

The Start
The Goal

21st birthdays are always a milestone. 

Ours was no different when we decided to take what we believed about empowerment and make it our identity.

Talem was born with a focus on doing three things better than most.

Be a financial hub, combining advice that faciliates great decisions with high quality service and professional who know how to make a difference.

Challenge common wisdom about what can or can’t be done to achieve financial security, and find the ways to have what you want now and plan for the future.

Work only with those we enjoy working with and can help best.

The Goal
The Principles

Since then we’ve experienced, embraced and weathered changes of all kinds.  Amongst it all, the decisions we’ve made about the way we work with clients have seen us forge a clear path to where we’re now.

The values we started with are still the beliefs we stand behind, but we’ve evolved with changing times.

In retrospect we were the advice firm of today before we knew what that was.

The Principles
The Path

Today, Talem is part of a fast-growing sector of the industry untainted by many of the issues that other firms are.

As part of Walker Lane, we’re part of an ambitious group of adviser who believe that great advice should exist at grass roots.

What we believe today is as true and it was back in 1996.

We exist to empower our clients to realise it doesn’t have to be a choice between achieving your end game and enjoying the journey as you get there.

You can have both, and we can help you.

The Path

Meet the Team

Sam Carroll
Sam Carroll
Managing Director & Financial Adviser
“I partner with clients of all ages, who are committed to getting ahead and building wealth.”
Timothy Collins
Timothy Collins
Financial Adviser
“I seek to provide a financial education to clients of all ages, to make the complex simple and give clients control over their situation. I want my clients to be comfortable with their financial decisions and achieve their goals.”
Rebecca Xenita
Rebecca Xenita
Advice & Operations Manager
“A goal without a plan is just a wish. I bridge the gap between goals and outcomes”.
Annie Zambales
Annie Zambales
Client Services Administrator’

“I’m committed to high-quality service that ensures a positive experience. Client satisfaction is my number one priority.”

When I was young, I always wanted to be involved in things that would make a great impact in someone’s life. I just know I’m a step closer to that each day. I’ve always had a passion for helping others and I love the idea of being considered a dependable person. I worked as an Accounting Assistant and Executive Assistant before moving into this world of financial services.

My unique professional experience stems from years of providing excellent customer support, creative problem solving and building customer loyalty. I hold a degree of Bachelor of Science in Management Accounting.

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Laidene Osmeña
Laidene Osmeña
Client Services Administrator’

“Every step of the process is also a process. Taking the time to consider the finer details is something I take pride in and being on top of our clients’ administration needs is my daily focus.”

Laidene Osmeña is a Client Services Administrator at Talem Wealth. Since completing her university studies, she been working in the financial services sector in accounting, banking and financial administration roles. Her skill set and experience lends itself to the detailed administration tasks that she undertakes day to day at Talem Wealth, and her positive and friendly nature makes her a pleasure for our clients to deal with.

Laidene holds a Bachelor of Science in Management Accounting.

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