At Talem Wealth, we do not promote “get rich quick” schemes nor do we endorse high-risk decision making for short-term gains. Our approach is based on understanding your longer-term goals and then putting in place a plan with the right support and tools to help you get there.

There are many misconceptions about who needs a financial planner. We help people of all ages, earning different levels of income and at varying stages of their lives. While they are vastly diverse, what they do have in common, is that they are all committed to creating wealth and planning for a better future.

Wealth building takes discipline, the right mindset and the willingness to embrace the advice of experienced experts in order to thrive financially. Talem Wealth works best with both individuals and businesses who have this mindset.

Our clients who achieve the best results generally have a combined household income of $150,000 or more. Clients who seek our advice want to get ahead financially. While they may have lots of immediate financial commitments and short-term plans, they want to build their wealth and enjoy security and stress-free living in the future. Whatever the circumstances, with the right attitude, we have been very successful in partnering with them and creating financial freedom beyond what they thought was possible.

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We believe with the right advice and commitment, anyone can improve their financial situation.

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