“We all know what we would like to have in retirement, but if you get Talem Wealth to organise it for you then you can have what you want in the minimum time, and not be overwhelmed getting there. They are all professional people, really easy to work with and I believe they genuinely care.”
Karen & Raymond

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Sam is basically a one-stop shop for anything financial. I’ll just pick up the phone and give him a call if I have any questions. They’re great – they are a very down-to-earth bunch and always genuinely willing to help.
We all have ambitions and goals that we would like to achieve for ourselves and our families. However, few of us have the necessary knowledge, skills, or simply the time to produce and implement a financial plan that will enable us to realise these goals. Talem Wealth has not only given me the help to plan our future but also the confidence to take control of ‘the plan’ and to adapt and change it as circumstances dictate whilst maintaining focus on what we set out to achieve.
Hugh & Felicity
We have referred many of our family, friends and colleagues to Talem Wealth because we know it works. The opportunity to achieve a fantastic lifestyle and plan for the future with excellent financial advice is a must. If you are happy to go in for the long haul and listen to the advisers and follow their advice you can only be successful. Talem Wealth is a warm and friendly business that gives realistic, achievable advice. They are interested in the clients as people and they value the trust and respect they earned from the clients
Kate & John
Talem Wealth offers a very professional service, they are very approachable and have made us feel very comfortable with a major decision (with regards to providing for our future). Talem Wealth was able to clearly outline the options available to us and ensured our investment plan was suited to what we wanted. Talem Wealth ensured we were well covered in terms of insurance etc so that in the event of a tragedy the remaining person or our family would be well provided for. Talem Wealth monitors our investment plan and has progress meetings followed up with emails and phone
Paul & Sue
We have always found the staff at Talem Wealth to be warm, honest, approachable and friendly. When you are dealing with money, you need to trust your Financial Advisers and, we do.
Mike & Kylie
We had no idea which way to go until some friends told us about Talem Wealth. We met with Paul who showed us how we could become financially independent in our retirement and maintain a lifestyle.
Chris & Neal