Our team is a diverse mix of individuals, all passionate about helping individuals and businesses to create financial freedom.

All of our team are qualified, engage on a deeper level to understand our clients and most importantly, they truly care. We are personally invested in our clients’ success and create financial freedom beyond what our clients thought possible so that they can thrive financially.

Get to know our team.

Sam Carroll

Managing Director & Financial Adviser

“I love to partner with clients of all ages, who are committed to getting ahead financially and building wealth”

Cameron Taylor

Financial Adviser

“I am passionate about nurturing wealth creation for my clients. Creating financial freedom and choices for them and their families is my motivation.”

Deborah Frame McLennan

Business Manager

“The way we treat our clients is paramount to our business. I always put myself in their shoes. Our success stems from focusing on the needs of our clients”.

Kate Walsh

Client Services

“My passion is using my knowledge of financial planning and taking an holistic approach to helping clients with all aspects of their plan”.

Stella Zecchin

Adviser Assistant

“I provide a high level of care and am totally dedicated to ensuring our clients receive the best level of service possible”.

Paul Carroll

Founding Director

“When I started this company back in 1996, I set out to assist people in regular household situations and make significant differences to their ongoing circumstances”.