We create personalised roadmaps to achieve financial freedom for clients wanting to shape their own future.

It is our holistic and collaborative approach and unwavering focus on delivering results with honesty and integrity that makes us different from other organisations.

Similar to a coach, we partner with our clients to provide support, mentorship and guidance on the required disciplines. We provide the best tools and strategic advice so that they can make the right decisions in their lives and achieve optimal financial performance based on their needs and goals.

We partner with clients who understand that making the right financial decisions today, enables financial freedom in the future and that wealth building is a planned, conscious undertaking.

Talem Wealth does not sell products, we provide financial advice that is honest and practical. We do not make promises that can’t be kept. We focus on delivering results, security and helping our clients become more financially aware and astute so that they have clarity and confidence when it comes to planning for their future.

We feel personally invested in our clients’ success and work with them towards the best possible outcomes.


The Talem Wealth team are united by a set of shared core values. These values are our fundamental beliefs, a result of our organisational culture and are our guiding principles that dictate our behaviour and actions. They are deeply engrained in our processes and service delivery.

The Talem Wealth team is committed to living and breathing our values, providing our clients with an understanding of what they can expect when engaging with us.


  • We care about our clients and staff.
  • We engage on a deeper level and really aim to understand circumstances and needs.
  • The success of our clients and our staff drives us.


  • We value open and honest relationships with our clients.
  • We operate on the basis of trust and act with integrity all the time.
  • We are realistic and always have our client’s best interest at heart.


  • We assist people in achieving their financial goals.
  • We want real outcomes for our clients.
  • We achieve results in partnership with our clients.