“We all know what we would like to have in retirement, but if you get Talem Wealth to organise it for you then you can have what you want in the minimum time, and not be overwhelmed getting there. They are all professional people, really easy to work with and I believe they genuinely care.”
Karen & Raymond

You have questions? We have answers.

Some people believe that you need a lot of money or assets before speaking to a financial adviser, this is an old myth. At Talem Wealth, we are focused on security and wealth creation so that our clients can enjoy financial freedom and independence. It is never too early to speak to a financial adviser. The sooner you seek assistance, the sooner your journey to financial freedom will begin.

With increasing housing, education and everyday living expenses, financially savvy people are seeking our assistance earlier than ever before. No matter what stage of life your are at, we can help by providing choices and options designed to make your future more financially secure. If you are planning to start a family, buy your first home or want to retire (early or soon), Talem Wealth uses expertise and experience to make the big decisions easier and provide certainty and confidence, whatever your future plans may be.

Talem Wealth facilitates businesses of all sizes by providing superior financial advice, support and tools. Whether you are a business owner looking to secure your personal future, a company wanting to operate more profitably or, a business wanting to assist your employees, Talem Wealth can help. There is no minimum company turnover required, our door is open to everyone.

Talem Wealth provides honest practical advice, with a high level of care, so clients become more financially aware and astute. We will take the time to understand your personal situation, your immediate needs and your plans for the future. We understand the importance of family and our financial plans are tailored accordingly, giving you the assurance of financial stability, protection for the family and flexibility as plans change along the journey.

It can be confusing and overwhelming making a start, there is a lot of conflicting information and stories out there. To begin your journey to financial freedom, all it takes is a conversation. Start off by speaking with us, we will listen and provide advice on how our services can best benefit you, what your options are and only if you are interested, how we can work together to secure your financial freedom. Get in touch today.

Talem Wealth offers financial advisory and business advisory services. While your accountant will focus on your taxation, reporting and auditing requirements, Talem Wealth has a much broader approach, concentrating on all aspects of financial management and wealth creation. Talem Wealth works with individuals and businesses, covering all areas such as managing cashflow, debt and investments; insurance and protection; superannuation; and planning for financial independence, chosen lifestyles and retirement. We can work with your accountant or, look after your accounts, the choice is yours.

There are no upfront costs to speak to us, we will meet with you to learn about your circumstances and plans. One of our advisers will conduct an in-depth analysis of your financial goals, attitude to risk and present financial position – including your income, assets, investments and liabilities. Before undertaking any work, we will clearly explain the various steps involved in the financial planning process, as well as our fees and any charges. We’ll also take the time to answer all your questions to ensure that you have a complete understanding of how we work, the expected results and any future costs involved.

Everyone’s situation is different as are their goals and plans for the future. At Talem Wealth, we will take the time to understand what you want out of life, both today and tomorrow. Our financial plans are tailored to your needs and aspirations, we provide options and different pathways for you to follow. While prudence and sense today will help contribute to prosperity down the path, we factor in all of your immediate requirements and are here to guide you and help you achieve the best possible outcomes so that you can continue to make lifestyle choices throughout your life.

Yes, Talem Wealth works with clients all over Australia. A large proportion of our clients are based in New South Wales, Queensland, Australian Capital Territory and Victoria however, our network of advisers also service clients in all the other States.

All Talem Wealth advisers are fully committed to our company values and we have a long history of client satisfaction and delivering results. As a boutique organisation, we offer personal advice and are always available to take your call, meet in person or respond to your queries. Read what our clients have to say about us and their journeys.

The Talem Wealth brand is is the trading name for Harvard Financial Management. While Talem Wealth was officially launched in 2017, we have a long history of helping clients and delivering results. Harvard Financial Management has been operating since 1996, we are an authorised representative of Financial Wisdom.

For more information, simply click here and send us enquiry. Alternatively, feel free to give us a call. Contact us to start your journey to financial freedom.