Our team is a diverse mix of individuals, all passionate about helping individuals and businesses to create financial freedom.

All of our team are qualified, engage on a deeper level to understand our clients and most importantly, they truly care. We feel personally invested in our clients’ success and create financial freedom beyond what our clients thought possible so that they can thrive financially.

Get to know our team.

Deborah Frame McLennan

Business Manager

“The way we treat our clients is paramount to our business. I always put myself in their shoes. Our success stems from focusing on the needs of our clients”.

“Our clients are at the core of our services, processes and delivery. We are flexible, easy to deal with and I am always looking for ways to streamline processes for the benefit of our clients”.

Deborah Frame McLennan has been with us since 2001. Over the years, her roles have covered all aspects of our business operations, she always put clients and their needs first. Prior to joining us, she held various banking and human resources roles. Deborah is passionate about empowering women to achieve financial independence.

In 2004, Deborah was appointed as our Business Manager, responsible for ensuring organisational effectiveness by providing leadership for the our operational functions. Deborah uses her broad range of experience for the benefit of our clients and drives this ethos throughout the company so that it is deeply engrained in all aspects of our business.

Deborah holds a Diploma of Personnel Management.

As a mother of young adults who are now more independent, Deborah enjoys her spare time travelling and adventuring into new and more challenging locations. She also loves to watch sport.