“The Talem Wealth team is great to work with. They are extremely professional and really understood my needs and tailored their advice accordingly. I highly recommend Talem Wealth. I benefit from regular appraisals and they are always available for advice.”

The results speak for themselves

Greg and Rebecca

Retired Engineers
Client since 2010

Planning for retirement
Greg and Rebecca approached us to analyse their financial position and determine if they had accumulated adequate assets to fund their retirement. Greg suffers from a chronic medical condition and while he received an Income Protection benefit, they were conscious it would cease when he reached the age of 65. When they first came to us, they were in their late 50s.

Greg and Rebecca’s challenge
One of their main challenges was increasing medical costs over the coming years. Also, Greg was concerned that he would become a physical burden on Rebecca. He was determined to leave her with sufficient assets to enjoy the lifestyle she wanted and to be in a financial position where they could assist their children.

Our solution and results
Greg and Rebecca’s Adviser at Talem Wealth helped them work out their financial priorities and define (and quantify) what retirement actually meant for them.

With a realistic understanding of their financial requirements in retirement, together we were able to determine the best way to fund them. Their plan focused on simplicity, tax-efficiency and flexibility enabling Rebecca to focus on her other priorities in life, including the ability to care for Greg.

With our help, Greg and Rebecca leveraged superannuation contribution opportunities for Greg in order to reduce his income tax, and a mix of super pensions and non-super assets providing Rebecca with access to the income she needs.

Our ongoing services include managing their portfolio, safeguarding their investments. As a ‘low-risk’ client, we ensure their portfolio contains the right level of growth assets to deliver long-term growth, without excessive volatility.


Retired Registered Nurse
Client since 2012

Planning for retirement and a lump sum of money
Knowing that retirement was on the horizon, Jan was keen to plan for a successful transition and ensure there was a lump sum of money available as a safety net.

Jan’s challenge
While Jan was clear about what she wanted, she lacked clarity in how she could achieve her financial goals.

Our solution and results
Talem Wealth invested the time up-front to research and understand Jan’s personal situation and goals. Using our experience and expertise, we were able to recommend a range of excellent investment strategies within her superannuation fund and personal investments to maximise her position and produce a solid income stream while transitioning into retirement.

Jan has since said, “My investments would not have done so well. I really appreciate and benefitted from the advice I have received over the past five years”. We continue to work with Jan, managing her investments and providing advice, giving her the confidence so she can enjoy her retirement and continue to build wealth.