Our qualified team at Talem Wealth is guided by a fundamental passion to help you achieve financial freedom. Our collaborative approach and unwavering focus on delivering results with honesty and integrity makes us different from other companies.

We use our diverse skillsets to understand your goals on a deeper level – basically, we care. We are dedicated to your success and strive to achieve results beyond what you thought possible.

Get to know our team.

Cameron Taylor

Financial Adviser

“I am passionate about nurturing wealth creation for my clients. Creating financial freedom and choices for them and their families is my motivation.”

“Young professionals are becoming increasingly savvy about the importance of planning for the future and creating wealth in a manner that is smart and sustainable.”

Cameron Taylor has been with Talem Wealth since 2013. He partners with clients of all ages. He loves helping them on their path to financial independence.

Cameron is particularly passionate about working with young professionals who are seeking financial security and are ready to start building wealth with a clear vision of what their financial freedom looks like.

He loves the challenge of navigating the complexities of commencing their wealth creation journey and using his experience to share knowledge and demonstrate the value that his advice adds.

Cameron has completed a BA Economics, majoring in marketing, from Macquarie University. He also has an Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning.