Ask 500 people about their financial priorities and you’ll get 500 different answers. Talem Wealth understands everyone is unique. Whether you’re in prime wealth-generation mode or looking to wrap up your working life – our tailored financial planning service and lending solutions are focused on your wants and needs.

We’re living in a challenging world that includes more economic uncertainty and debt than in the past. So, our focus at Talem Wealth is to empower good financial habits. Just like going to the gym, following your favourite sporting team, or visiting a gallery, we make your financial freedom a lifestyle choice.

Achieving financial well-being takes the right mindset and Talem Wealth collaborates with you to foster it. No matter how time-poor you may be, we work hard to forge strong partnerships to help you make intelligent financial decisions and live a life you get to enjoy.

Unlike other companies who set-and-forget your financial planning, we create lasting relationships and have a high-level of accountability surrounding the advice we provide and the results you achieve.

How we work

We’re with you every step of the way to make sure your choices are made with purpose


We have always been committed to empowering people to achieve financial freedom. After 20 years as WB Financial, we believed it was time to incorporate this core belief into our name. Talem – ‘empower’ in Latin – nicely captures the way we work.

And, how about ‘wealth’? Well, there’s no denying the term wealth is a loaded one. Wealth in today’s world is typically equated with how much money you have. However, we like to work with each and every client to individually define what wealth means to you. To many people, wealth isn’t about money itself – but about the freedom money brings.

The name ‘Talem Wealth’ has deep-seated meaning for us. More importantly, it also acknowledges you, our valued clients. Talem Wealth represents our approach and vision for the future, while recognising our past in a truly authentic way.

What does Talem mean?

What does Talem mean?

In Latin, Talem means to empower, lead and achieve – this is how we help our clients. Talem also means unity – this is how we act as a company and on behalf of our clients.